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Bob Atisso is the Togolese sand sculptor with golden hands and a strong artistic imprint. Ephemeral creations are his specialty. An art form which translates the meaning of life. The secret of his sculptors comes from the field of physics.

He discovered his passion after 2000. His art was not well known in his country, so Bob left to test his talent to other artists of the same kind at the ephemeral festivals in the US, Europe, Asia and Russia. His creations have clearly drawn attention. Over the past years Bob Atisso has won the Public Award in India, the 2nd Prize at World Sand Sculpting  championship in Taiwan, the 1st place of the mayor of Copenhagen, 2nd at the Sentosa Sandsation in Singapore and the list continues...


Words are not strong enough to describe the works of Bob. Extremely precise, it often happens that one wonders how such monu-ments can be built with almost exclusively bare hands and sand as only material. In his work, he masterfully presents African customs and habits or challenge on current events or social issues that poetically lead to reflection and make the specificity of the genius of this sculptor architect.


His specialty is sand sculpture, but he also excels with other materials, such as papier-mâché, terracotta or cement.


His next dream is to create a sand sculpture school in Africa ...

We give you the opportunity to contemplate his artworks.



Bob Atisso

For You

Sand sculpture workshop, promotion of shopping and cultural centers, festival, museum ..., corporate event, gifts, interior / exterior decoration.

All orders are adapted to the theme of your events.

Artistic project

2020-Atelier enfants-lome.jpg


Sand sculpture workshops are suitable for all ages. These workshops are always very successful. It’s entertaining and truly magical for trainees to see how much they can draw from their own creativity and express themselves.



You want to increase the number of visitors to your shopping center, your corporate events or even bring tourists to your beaches ...


Festival, Museum

For many people, seeing a sand sculpture for the first time is a memorable experience. It is a rare art form, practiced only by a handful of individuals around the world.

BobAtisso-Sculpture terre.jpg

Private order

Bob Atisso has a strong artistic imprint. Make a gift, dress your interior or exterior with a personalized work, in sand, cement or papier-mâché.

Bob Atisso en creation


2017 : Jury Second Price in Sentosa Sandsation - Singapore

2017 : Mayor Award in Ruse Sandfest - Bulgaria

2014 : Jury Second Place in Taiwan World Sand Sculpting Championship - Taiwan

2013 : Jury Third place in St. Petersburg - Russia

2013 : Jury Third place in Helsinki- Finland

2013 : Jury First Place and People’s Choice in Copenhagen - Denmark

2011 : People’s Choice in India - India





«  the story of Bob Atisso, the sand sculptor »

2021-08-Pensées Noires-Bob Atisso 2.jpg


«Sculpting with sand: it is the incredible talent of this young Togolese artist who is the pride of his country thanks to his ephemeral works, with which he wishes to pay homage to African women.»

sAVOIR news

« Lomé Fair: A preview sand sculptor. Other exhibitions amaze spectators and Bob Atisso is one of them » Report

CP2020-Togo 2000-Savoir News.png

GRANd public

«My big project is to build a sand sculpture school...» Interview

TOgo culture

«By killing time on my father's construction site one day, I drew a human face that amazed those around me. » Interview



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